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Book Review: Sick Bastards

Sick BastardsSick Bastards by Matt Shaw

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Sick Bastards seems to ask questions of the human condition when facing a post apocalyptic event. It further asks what humans would do when faced with isolation and starvation. The answers aren’t satisfactory for me, due to ignorant and unlikable characters.
The main character, known as ‘Son’ – feeling guilty of cannibalism decides to risk it and goes into the woods – avoiding zombie-ish creatures – to see if he could find another encampment or help of some kind. What he finds, I also won’t spoil – but will say at least it was a twist that I wasn’t quite expecting.
The extreme bits was not the reason for 2 stars. I find it repetitive and thus mind-numbing, not in the ‘shocking’ way. The ‘Son’ character was somewhat relatable. The others are stereotypical degenerates. I skipped through most of the middle due to this. The ending does have a somewhat satisfactory answer as to what the ‘event’ was.
I didn’t find the material all that extreme, just descriptive. That’s just me. However, if you’re into PG-13 types of movies, this book isn’t for you.

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