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Review: Sixty-Six

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Sixty-Six: A NoveletteSixty-Six: A Novelette by Matthew Stott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I think every neighborhood across the globe has at least one creepy house and occupant, right? And neighborhood kids who go into truth or dare mode regarding it. In this case however, such a dare results in truth and tragedy (won’t spoil it) for Carl – the main character – who spends a lifetime telling his story in this novelette before coming full circle to confront his town’s urban myth.
It’s a bit spooky, somewhat sad, and creepy. The feel of the story was conveyed nicely – even though it’s based somewhere in the UK its easy to relate to. We had spooky stories (or conjured them up!) and we’d bike around the neighborhood looking for imaginary boogeymen men and trying to out-scare each other.

This story has that kind of nostalgic, 1970s/early 80s creep factor. Nicely done.


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